New Construction in Charleston, South Carolina

Smith's Heating & Air Conditioning Company, Inc., in Charleston, South Carolina, is involved in multiple new construction projects throughout Charleston and the Tri-County area.

New Construction

New Construction

Our air conditioning technicians are an integral part to completing new construction projects. We also install gas services to:

• Water Heaters
• Cooktops / Ranges
• Furnaces
• Lanterns
• Pool Heaters
• Whole House Generators

We welcome individual homeowners who are building their dream homes. Send us your plans today.

Manual J

Experts tell builders that heating and air conditioning equipment and ducts should adhere to Manual J heat load calculations. We use these calculations to tell us the heat loss and gain for each room in order to determine the correct size of the unit needed. This way we do not install a unit that is too large or too small. This helps reduce energy waste, save you money, provide the proper levels of comfort, and ensure the HVAC systems meet code requirements.