My house feels like a sauna when I get home from work - help!

Whether it feels like an oven in the summer or an ice box in the winter, no one wants to come home to extreme weather inside the house! A programmable thermostat is the answer. Not only does a programmable thermostat prevent temperatures to spike or plummet while you're at work, but they can also help you save money on utilities. During the day, you can set the A/C so it kicks in only if the temperature gets too hot, rather than running on a cycle all day. Even better? Set the thermostat to heat up the house on a brisk fall day about 30 minutes before you come home and you'll receive a warm welcome. We can help you with installation. Give us a call today!

During hot weather, it is not unusual for your thermostat to register above the set point. A good rule of thumb is that your unit is operating efficiently and at full capacity if it catches up when temperatures outside cool down (e.g. night time, mornings).