My HVAC is relatively new (8 years) - why would someone recommend a replacement?

While most HVAC systems last 10+ years, there are circumstances that would require a unit to be replaced.

  1. A breakdown
  2. Your home is always hot/cold

If major components of your system fail (heat exchanger, motor, compressor, etc.), the parts and labor to repair the problem can reach into the thousands of dollars. In this circumstance, replacing the whole unit would be a better choice financially. If your house remains chilly or uncomfortably hot, your heating or air conditioning system could be the wrong size for the property. In some cases, the unit could have been improperly installed. If this is the situation, then the best bet is to replace the system. While replacing an HVAC unit might seem pricey, it could save you money in the future: systems the over-exert themselves can easily break and the unit is working over time (energy waster!) to compensate.